5-50t WLL
Working Load Limit
Working boats:
• Offshore supply
• Research
• Tugs
• Marine Salvage
• AUV/ASV Handling (LARS)
0.2-2.5t WLL
Working Load Limit
• Sailboats, yachts, super-yachts

• Inshore/bluewater working boats

• Pleasure craft
• Tag lines & Painters
100-3,500t WLL
Working Load Limit
• Offshore oil platform moorings
• Wind turbine moorings
• High load moorings
(offloading, storage facilities)


Buoy and 'Aids to Navigation' management

Subsea asset deployment and retrieval


 Lifeboat and Fast Rescue Craft handling and recovery


Offshore cargo loading and unloading

Underwater arches and Subsea buoyancy

AUV Handling and Recovery

Redeployable high-load connections made simple


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